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Hello there, thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website (I hope you won't be scared off, though). My name is Tadzio, but you can call me Tad since my name is too familiar. I have harbored a deep passion for entertainment since childhood, and I firmly believe it is never too late to pursue one's true love.

As such, I am presenting as an aspiring comedian, seeking to introduce myself, my projects, and my dream company.  Would you be willing to assist a humble dreamer in achieving his most cherished aspiration?

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,

Tad GM.


Caracas-Venezuela. AD 1987


  • DMPE  is a start-up sole proprietorship company founded and directed by Tadzio Gonzalez Mane in 2022.  The company is based in Oslo, Norway.

  • DMPE stands out with its diverse and unique entertainment content. From original animation series like The Holocaust Assassin to films like Flicker, the Scamp, and music compositions like She's Like Fuego, our creative content is designed to captivate and entertain, promising a unique and thrilling experience for our audience.


  • Our mission at Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment is to become a leading entertainment company worldwide, working with hard-working, passionate, and skilled professionals in the entertainment field and offering various products to different niches. We aim to achieve this by:

    1) Understanding the entertainment market and adapting to the demands of the entertainment niche.

    2)Adapting to the fast-growing entertainment evolution, always open to learning from our mistakes and improving to excellence.


  • We aim to be one of the leading entertainment companies worldwide by the end of 2034. We plan to achieve this by innovating and creating top-notch, compelling entertainment material, such as thrilling series or funny comedies.

  • Our commitment to innovation and quality is unwavering. We continuously strive to push the boundaries of entertainment, delivering top-notch, compelling material that meets the highest industry standards. This ensures our partners and clients can expect nothing less than the best from us. 

  •  We believe in the power of collaboration, so we wish to build a strong team that will work hard to exceed our audience's expectations.

  • At Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment, we deeply value collaboration. We believe that working together.

  • We are committed to fostering partnerships with other entertainment companies, recognizing the importance of each individual's unique contribution to our success.


  • Tadzio Gonzalez Mane is a man who loves comedy, acting, singing, making songs, and writing scripts. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Despite his diverse work experience and a three-year Bachelor's degree in petroleum production, Tad's true passion and unwavering commitment lie in entertainment. This dedication, which he brings to every endeavor at Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment, is a testament to his drive and firm wishes to see DMPE become a respectable entertainment company.

  • Tad GM is the lead and only comedian, actor, singer, and scriptwriter (for now) for all Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment projects.

  • Tad enjoys a good cup of coffee, exercising regularly, dancing, reading history, listening to diverse music, playing the piano, and spending time with his wife, kid, and Luna, the pussy cat.


  • Tadzio Gonzalez Mane's professional goals are not only business-oriented. They are also about constant learning and growth as an entrepreneur, turning his 'small dreams' into reality and contributing to the company's global mission of becoming a leading entertainment company.

  • On the other hand, Tad's personal goals are driven by a deep belief in making a tangible difference, particularly for the most vulnerable, aligning with our company's mission and values.

  • Tad is disciplined. He studies daily to improve his acting, comedy, writing, and singing skills. He also regularly exercises to strengthen his body for the more physically demanding projects.


  • For Tad, the world is not just a stage. He wants to open free artistic and comedy academies in impoverished countries and donate money to charities such as cancer research, food for the world, etc.

  • Tad wishes to influence young people positively to pursue a drug-free lifestyle, avoid drinking too much alcohol, and support their elders. 


  • Our commitment to honesty and transparency is unwavering. We will always communicate the truth, including our capabilities and areas of expertise. If we encounter a task we believe we can handle but require further knowledge, we will diligently research and execute it. This dedication to transparency ensures that you can trust us to deliver on our promises, fostering a solid and reliable partnership.

  • Time is of the essence. That said, We will do what it takes to deliver the project on time, and of course, We are willing to go the extra mile to accomplish my tasks before the due date. 

  • Our commitment to you goes beyond meeting expectations. We strive to exceed them. When it comes to refunding your funds for our final productions, we aim to go above and beyond. Our approach includes building strong bonds of trust, delivering precisely what you've ordered, and ensuring your satisfaction.

  • Your trust in our services is our top priority; therefore, we will always be transparent.


  • The question is complex, but my work with disabled individuals, alongside my artistic pursuits, has given me deep insight into their struggles. I believe in the satisfaction of helping others in need and the positive impact it creates. My work comes from my heart. Things don't go wrong when they originate from within with good intentions.

THE HOLOCAUST ASSASSIN, an eye for an eye

A man seeks revenge for his family's death, targeting Nazis, aiming to take down a Nazi doctor. While on his mission, he meets a female Mossad agent with whom he falls in love. However, their happiness is short-lived when the Nazi doctor kills her. In the end, Mossad recruits him and becomes a legend, a man who shows no mercy.


  • Screenplay: TAD GM & Collaborators.

  • 8 chapter scripted drama/thriller series.

  • Budget; location and casting to be consulted.

  • TAD GM is the lead actor.


A man is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder after a car accident. Now, the man believes he is a communist spy with a mission to retrieve the blueprints of Miguel Astro's toilet, which he believes are inside the British Royal Palace. Astro orders to retrieve the toilet's blueprints and destroy the British Monarchy for the humiliation. He will face Great Britain's best spy, James Bond, who will try to stop Ramón from accomplishing his mission.


  • Screenplay: TAD GM & Collaborators.

  • 120 minute scripted comedy.

  • Budget, location and casting to be consulted.

  • TAD GM is RAMÓN.


Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment's projects

FLICKER, the scamp the film/ animated series

A man faces the consequences of his misdeeds when he becomes cursed and becomes a naughty elf. To repay his debt, he must help those in need. When summoned, the elf helps a bullied young child, a shy man who struggles to find love, and a woman whose baby girl is in danger. He dies at the end, but his good deeds free him from the curse and make him human again.


  • Screenplay: TAD GM & Collaborators.

  • 120 min scripted comedy/ Animated series

  • Budget; location and casting to be consulted.

  • TAD GM performs Flicker the Scamp.

The following materials are unfinished demos of our potential projects. With your endorsement, we will make each project a major success.

Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment owns all rights.


While I may inject humor into our interactions, I want to underscore my unwavering dedication to my business and, more importantly, to your time. My focus is laser-sharp on creating exhilarating and captivating entertainment. Despite life's unpredictability, my efforts consistently bear fruit, demonstrating my steadfast commitment to our success. I am not just a businessman but a passionate creator, and I am excited to share this journey with you.

With your invaluable support, we have the potential not only to meet but exceed our audience's expectations. This will not only ensure a significant return on your investment but also position you as a key player in our success story, reaping the benefits of our collective achievements. Imagine the thrill of seeing your name associated with our groundbreaking entertainment projects and the satisfaction of knowing you played a pivotal role in their success. Your partnership is not just a financial contribution but a crucial part of our shared success.

Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate your support and am eager to discuss our potential partnership further. I propose a meeting at your convenience to explore how we can mutually benefit from this collaboration. Come to Norway; let me at least invite you over for a cup of coffee or tea, and then you can meet a humble man who knows with all his heart that he was born to entertain the world.

Last but not least, thank you for your time!  Call me at +47 45914578. Or, if you are a writer, not a fighter, write me at

Yours faithful,

Tad GM






The video is a homemade, low-quality, painful audio introduction of a man who believes that small dreams can come true. Click at your own risk!


Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment is passionate about all music genres.

We work hard to excel in composition, production, and vocal services.

Watch our music demo featuring TAD GM's electrifying urban-style performance of:

"SHE'S LIKE FUEGO." with a twist of humor, of course...



The following demo is a comedy project, and the author uses black humor, self-irony, and satire.

TAD GM is politically neutral and has nothing against the Government of Canada or its leaders.


Broken Heart (Short Film)

An undocumented immigrant residing in the USA dreams of becoming the next Bruno Mars but faces a difficult choice: spending the last days with his dying wife or accepting the chance to make his dream come true.


  • Screenplay: TAD GM & Collaborators

  • 60 minute scripted drama.

  • Budget, location and casting to be consulted.

  • TAD GM is J-Manu.

  • BROKEN HEART: Music and Lyrics TAD GM



  • Vitalicio Martín Boloñez, also known as "V-lan the Bully Mac Bully, the first Revenger," is a Venezuelan "wiring' engineer," historian, and martial arts enthusiast. His unique blend of professions and interests and his sharp tongue and penchant for provocation make him a genuinely intriguing individual.

  • V*lan, V'lan, or V-lan-these are the playful variations Vitalicio prefers when abbreviating his name.

  • His love for "P.A.N. exercising, Venezuelan food making, and his cocky, sharp-witted nature often lead him to engage in playful banter with celebrities, such as Jackie Chan and others.

  • Louis Faichiez Caucaun, known as "Le commissaire Cauncaun," is a paranoid man of intense convictions. Hailing from Morocco, he firmly believes he is a high-ranked inspector at the French-Canadian police forces. His mission? To defend Québec from what he perceives as the invasion of the English Canadians.

  • He doesn't waste a moment in pointing out the potential invaders of Québec and the dire consequences if they succeed in taking over.

  • He often reveres the celebrity Celine Dion as the supreme defender, even the 'Goddess' of the most beautiful Province on earth, Quebec.

  • Manuel Emilio Socorro Pacheco, known as " El Soco" is a Colombian " legal drug-free white energizing powdering import-export cartel boss" living in exile in Canada, hiding from his rival cartel LosDea.

  • He is a calm and collected businessman, a façade that shatters when his food isn't delivered on time because then, he becomes mental and calls to threaten the business that hasn't come with his food. He has a faithful assistant, Pocoyo, who always mediates to calm El Soco down, a stark contrast to his usual demeanor.

  • He as a filthy mouth, always insulting in Spanish when things don't go as he plan.

Demo of V-lan the Bully McBully

Although I have limited resources, I strive to bring my ideas to life with dedication and creativity. While the quality of my productions may not be perfect (they suck!, for now), I am confident in the potential of my projects. I appreciate your consideration and support in turning my vision into reality.

I'd like to present the upcoming comedy monologues that aim to entertain and promote the importance of understanding different cultures. These monologues were created and scripted by Tadzio Gonzalez Mane, known as Tad GM, and are the property of Diamond Mane Production & Entertainment.

It's important to note that these monologues are meant to be comedic and should not be taken literally. The author assumes an apolitical stance and humorously references various governments and politicians without bias.

The characters all have backgrounds and different mannerisms and speak English, Spanish, and French.


V-lan the Bully McBully

Le Commissaire Cauncaun

Demo of Le Commissaire Cauncaun

Demo of El Soco